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The real beauty of the mornings.

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

How do you usually start your days?

Are there any particular habits you do have? Or is there just simple morning routine like opening the eyes, starting to moan and pushing yourself out of the bed without the excitement from another day?

What does the morning mean to you?

Is it just regular annoying part of the day when you have to wake up and leave the cosy warm duvet due to work?

The Morning for me is a reason to say ''Thank you''.

The Morning for me is a reason to wake up.

The Morning for me is a reason to stand up from the bed.

The Morning for me is a reason to smile.

The Morning for me is a reason to be grateful.

Early morning provide me with the possibility to explore, grow and develop myself and giving me the reason to live.

Try to find some simple morning routine which can completely change your way of waking up. No need to spend 1-2hours, even 20min can significantly change your day.

My morning routines are kind of ''religion'' for me. Meditation&Praying, yoga, training.

Don't let them to have the control over you though.You are the one who is in charge. Use them to make your days unique with every single morning. Don't make yourself miserable when you miss some of those. Realise how beautiful is being excited from the next morning. Because the MORNING is something what can not be granted.

“Light is incredibly generous, but also gentle. If you had never been to the world and never known what a day was, you couldn’t possibly imagine how the darkness breaks, how the mystery of a new day is revealed” - O’Donohue


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