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Just kind of ''panda'' for you, only for you, Martin.

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Why panda? Only Martin knows why panda. Panda means ''sranda'' ( = Martin's translation of the english word ''fun'' in Slovak language :), and that's exactly the reason why I am writing this.

Remind you how panda this life can be and why.

We are the creators of the panda in our life. Together with the people who cross our way.

Why? Because we choose them.Cultivating the right energy within yourself, you always attract the right people around you. But it doesn't mean our way will not be tilted by haters or ''suckers'', who are just seeking the benefits of your energy and the preciousness of your soul, which is attractive for them from the obvious reason. But let them just simply be.

People turn up in your life for some reason. There is always the reason. If you're strong believer of

''What a coincidence, whould you believe it?'' doesn't work for me, and if you become a strong deep thinker, like I have, nothing in your life will be perceived as a coincidence anymore.

Me and Martin, both photos above. My precious friend, Martin. I am just sitting now and thinking inside why am I even writing this. I know the reason. I want to show you how simple word panda can change your morning, day, life approaching, mindset. Life is panda when you stop striving your internally created desires and become simply devoted surrender.You will then explore something beyond this life.Something what will bring not just daily panda into your life, but the peace and calmness, the way towards the life of the realness, fullness, happiness.

I am back in my mind-flow, why am I even writing this. Martin had a conversation with me, a long time ago, about his desire to help others and in the same time he wanted to help himself. I did not pay attention to it enough, as he was always a deeper thinker, even more than I am right now,

( maybe I got your level already, man! :)) ) but with facing of the cruel realness of this world, this words are giving me the sense.

People need to find their panda and no matter what circumstances we have to face to, we have to learn to appreciate all those challenges occured in our life which bring us to the knees. Not just those positive ones.Not just the blessings.

Martin likely had never had any clue what he really meant with this word, just used it to bring the brightness of the light into our conversations, what he truly was indeed. The light in the darkness.

You have probably already recognised that Martin will not make any more panda at this world, and that's why I am writing this. Just for Him. To remember Him. To bring to you, in his honour, what he always wanted to do, to bring the LIGHT into your soul. To bring the fullness into everyone's life.

These words are for everyone who is desperately searching that fullness. You have got a chance to appreciate everything in your life right NOW. 'Cause within a short while, you might lose it. We are living in the mechanical world full of the materialism and demand for the great physical appearance, what is literally making our mind excited about nourishing our ego and being in charge to control us. Nah! The key is simple. We need to learn how to refuse attachment to the outcome from our actions.

The only certainty we posses is the ability to perceive this present moment forgetting being stuck in the past or being attached to some future situations, which are just our illusions and literally draining ourself. Within this present moment, we ought to see every life situation with different perspective, the way we truly want to see it and not our mind, the way which is right and is rooted in our heart. The way which foundation is in Love towards yourself and others.

'Cause ''We are shaped by our thoughts. We become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows you like a shadow, that never leaves.'' - Buddha

Ending this short moment of myself for yourself with my favourite words dedicated just for You, Martin, as a Thank You for crossing my way with your unique panda.

Thank You.


''The divine in me respectfully recognises the divine in you...''

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