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Lucy has been gifted with a deep sense of understanding the people and their mindset, and strongly encourages the profound connection of the body, breath and mind in order to be able to control our emotions and bring the light and happiness into our life. Being fully present while we move through the conscious slow mindful motions, wisely connected with the breath, will bring the grace into your practice and we will  be able to shift it into our daily life. Lucy's way of training people and teaching Yoga  is about  emphasising your awareness about the way how we breathe not just on the mat, but in our daily life. Where does the breath is directed to and  how it can beautifully allow our body to cross our boundaries while we move and control the emotions in any situation we occur in. Understanding of biomechanics and biochemistry of our breath has become an inseparable part of her eternal studying which helped her to realise that Yoga is not just some ''another spiritual binding''at all, but the real meaning  of Yoga  is beyond all understanding and it's sacred impact is truly the real one.

Teaching of Yoga means for her sharing of her inner determination to encourage people to realise consciously the way how we react towards everyone and everything around us and what is the relationship towards ourselves and our bodies. Our bodies are like the temples of our soul which we should treat with a greatest respect in order to bring the harmony into our daily existence and not take is as granted. Practising of Yoga deepen the relationship  with our own divine Self and help us  to detach from our own beliefs, desires and realise we are part of something greater than we truly think we are and start  living for presence, as that is the only certainty we posses. The real perceiving of Yoga is far away from what does the posture looks like, but what does  you body feel like and mainly what is your own experience you bring into that precious moment of practising. Being blessed enough currently to be able to study Yoga with her unique teacher Troy Hadeed from Trinidad&Tobago, whose words of teaching increase the capacity  to Love and being reconnect with the God of our own understanding in any situation of our life. Her way of teaching is strongly effected with the traditional way of  teaching of Yoga with the root of knowledge from B.K.S. Iyengar, T.K.V Desikachar & Krishnamacharya and one of the greatest philosophical teacher of the age J. Krishnamurti.

Body&Grace studio

Body & Grace represented the attitude towards our body,  ourselves, everyone and  everything around us, in order to achieve a freedom and real happiness which lasts. Being fully present while we move, will allow us to listen to our body and push it towards the edge within ''discomfort zone'' and explore our full potential. This everything can happen only through our full concentration onto our breath & body relationship, in order to create the profound relationship with our mind. Our breath is one of the most important aspects of our life, vehicle of our Prana (vital energy), which is completely neglected and considered as an autonomic function, that is truth, but  without our awareness of what is actually happening inside, we will never obtain the real benefits and long lasting state of stillness, which is missing in the recent world of rushing and pushing ourselves forward. 

With an expression of Grace in your practice, you will be directed inward  to discover  ''your energy body, where breath and emotions reside; your mental body, where thoughts and obsessions can be mastered; your intellectual body, where intelligence and wisdom can be found; and your divine body, where the  Universal Soul can be glimpsed.'' -  B.K.S Iyengar

Picture has been taken in physical studio in Bow opened by Lucy on her own, however the circumstances of the life forced her to close it in February 2022.

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