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31st day of Quarantine and my Soul detox

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

...Enjoying every single morning with gratitude and humility

...Enjoying every single morning precisely with my mind and the body

...Enjoying the exploring of my real capabilities and space being ''out of my comfort zone''

...Enjoying the possibilities to develop myself

...Enjoying a time being a bit lost sometimes in my head- YES :-)

...Enjoying the time given to me to ''savour'' simply just my coffee which I love several times a day (max 3 though, I care about my heart xx)

Simply said,I am making the detox of my soul and exploring the real benefits of this time we were given.

My detox is based on my morning routines. Morning training enhances  the excrete of many important hormones which boost your mood, your immune body system and it can significantly help you being resilient against all stress situations and improve your capability to react reasonably and without the emotions. Because except the BODY, you train also your MIND. 

I have personally started looking into the training of my mind deeply and found it as the biggest benefit of this quarantine time. Time dedicated to myself. That is another part of my deep detox, as everyone needs it.

I have become literally addicted to bettering myself during this time, as it is the only certainty of this universe- your own self, which you can constantly trying to improve no matter what.There is no future which is granted. Only our very own myself and the present dedicated to us.

Setting some smaller smart and specific goals made me being focus every single day, and because of that, this time has become for me the deepest detox of my soul, as I am detoxing myself from all negativism, pointless and mainly useless influences, moving forward with a clear head, stronger not only in a physical way, but much more in my mental world.  

You are welcome in my world, it is so worthy to enter in.



Detox your body, detox your mind, and your soul will dance in your favourite rhythm.

I am dancing then. That is another part of my detox :-)

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