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Lulu's goodies: Snack with dates

For those who know me well, they all are aware of the fact I love to know what I eat, especially when it comes to sweet stuff. With teaching of Yoga and training people, my whole life is about respecting the body as a temple of our soul.

Here I am bringing you my little Snack with dates which is very easy to make, easy to store and it's packed with lots of goodies to keep your blood sugar stable.


- 300g dates (the soft ones are great for this recipe, no need to buy Medjool)

- 120g roasted peanuts, skin off and chopped

- 2 TBSP of Tahini

- 1 tsp of cinnamon

- 1 TBSP of raw Cacao

- pinch of salt


- I have roasted raw peanuts with skin on in my air-fryer for 12 minutes at170C. Then leave them aside until the nuts start making ''a crunchy sound'' and peel them of the skin using a kitchen towel, placing the nuts into it and rubbing hands together while holding the nuts in the towel. Alternatively, you can probably roast them just on the dry pan for couple of minutes, but in that case I would recommend already skinless.

- Chopped the dates and mix them with tahini on the pan where using the low heat and back of your wooden spoon you mash them until you get some kind of sticky smooth paste.

- Once it's done, take the off the heat, mix in cinnamon, cacao, bit of salt and chopped peanuts.

Don't worry if there will be some skin left, it creates a nice colour of the snack :)

- Using a kitchen cling film of rectangular form, spread the texture and roll it into the long shape roll using the foil to cover it properly. Play with your hands little bit with the length to make sure the roll is firm and ready to go to the freezer for 1-2hours. Then I usually store it in the fridge or you can keep it also in the freezer for a longer lasting. But then you have to take it out earlier, if you want to snack it.

Once the roll is firm, you can slice it into the small pieces and enjoy with a smile on your face.

Combination of sugar from dates with nuts, tahini, cacao and cinnamon are beautifully helping to regulate your blood sugar to avoid cravings and rollercoaster of the mood from eating something sweet.

Respect your body. It's your only home you have to truly live in.



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