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Lulu's goodies healthy cookies

I wouldn't call my recipes vegan, nor vegeterian, nor anything. They are just simply healthy. Many times you see the ''vegan recipes'' with 2 or 3 different types of ''vegan sweeteners'', what does not make a sense for me. Maybe I don't see something what others do. Anyway, simply as recipe below, healthy and beautiful as picture below :)

Dry ingredients:

- 1 cup of grounded oats

- 1 cup of blended walnuts

Blend them in the food processor separately first and place in the bowl.

Wet ingredients:

- 3tbsp of my homemade peanut butter

- 100g dates (normal size-not medjol) - soak in hot water for at least 10-15minutes to soften

- 4tbsp of water from the dates

Blend all together in the food processor and add the dry ingredients.Blender it couple of seconds. You should get proper sticky mixture of deliciousness.

Optional you can mix in anything you like.

I have personally added:

- 3 tbs of pumpkin seeds as protein

- 3tbsp of dry cranberries

- 40g chopped dark chocolate (90%)

I have created 12 cute mini cookies which I baked at 190C for 15minutes.

What a snack with a sliced apple with some favourite creamy spread.



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