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Check this lovely texture of my homemade banana&hazelnut treat, or if you want just

''Banana bread'' :) I am always trying to find some original name for my treat, 'cause they are then more personalised to me.

Dry Ingredients:

- 150g oats flour ( ground porridge oats)

- 90 walnuts

- 35g organic cAcAo powder

- 1 1/2 tsp of soda bicarbonate

- 1 tsp of vanilla essence

Blend all together and move to the separate bowl.

Wet ingredients:

- 3 bananas

- 1-2 grated apple - depends on the size (almost mashed)

- 20g melted coconut oil

- 50ml plant milk ( I have used coconut sugar free )

- pinch of salt

Blend all together.

Blend all together, then stir in the dry texture and blend again.

Once it's proper done, roast 50g of raw hazelnuts, remove the skin through shaking them in the dish towel and chopped them. Stir them in and mix all together just with spatula already.

Pour the texture into the prepared greased and floured baking loaf.

Bake at 180C for 25-30min.

P.S. Have you noticed there is no need to add some extra sugar?

Bananas and apple will give you enough of what you need.

Appreciate your body enough and nourish it healthy with your own homemade treats.

Your mind will adapt to it and you will feel the profound satisfaction from the inside.

Enjoy the life fully.

Lucy xx

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