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Lucy Krizan

I have been gifted with a deep sense of understanding the people and their mindset and strongly believe in the profound connection of the body, breath and mind in order to be able to control our emotions and bring the light and happiness into our life. Being fully present while you move through the conscious slow powerful motions and wisely connected with the breath will bring the grace into your practice and into your daily life.

I believe that everything you gain during the sessions with me, should stay within you when you leave.

As an eternal Yoga Student and Yoga Teacher, I have been also fully qualified as a Fitness trainer, Master Personal trainer with LEVEL 4 (usually required is Level 3) and Life coach, with an extra diploma for Obesity and Diabetes, additional specialist diploma for indoor spinning, exercise referral, outdoor group exercise and sport conditioning.Due to true validity of my qualification I have become a member of the Register Of Exercise Professionals ( CIMSPA).

 I am honestly passionate about this life I am living and grateful for being able to share it with others through the fitness and healthy lifestyle.

My training is based on using the precious gift I was given - my BODY which I train to be FIT and to become the best version of myself, specialised for the body-weight training & functional training, amateur boxing in the past, outdoor running and slow powerful yoga practice.



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