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''I got to know about Lucy's greatness and enthusiasm in the gym at Anytime Fitness Chelsea. I found encouragement and motivation in her when I was the only person taking part to classes at 7 am. Her positivity and her hard work trainings convinced me to take part to her zoom classes (despite my sceptivity towards online methods). She did not disappoint me. 
Through the very well- thought trainings, characterised by precise but also demanding exercises, I strenghtened my physical preparation and achieved a greater self-satisfaction. Her joyful and supportive attitude, determined and always convinced of what she is doing, are key elements for the success of her trainings and of herself as a PT. In such way I consider her an example for every common person keen on improving and challenging themselves, finding motivation for their every-day life and finally, aiming for a personal well being through the balance between physical and mental condition.''

-Chiara S.,Chelsea



Joanna R.,London

I have only ben to a few classes so far but I know I will be back. I have done a few different classes but only with Lucy ( and her guidelines) I have discovered what Yoga is all about.It is not a rushed fitness class, it is all about being in this moment.Yes it is challenging at first, but in a positive way ( 75 min  goes and you do not even know when). Yoga posture is all about feeling it. I leave Lucy's class energised and with the clear peaceful head.Highly recommend! x

Alex R., London

Lucy is an amazing Yoga teacher! She explains poses in more detail then I've ever experienced and ensures each and every part of your body is engaged and feeling the pose.

The style is slow and mindful and well suited to anyone who is looking for the mental  and spiritual benefits of Yoga as well as gaining physical strength.

I highly recommend!

Iolanda C., London

Professional, skilled, inspirational teacher.Lucy has completely changed my perception of Yoga. Her classes are not only  about physical exercise, which is intense anyway, but also focus on finding connection between body and min, learn how to listen to your body and love it. So while you the effort you have fun, you find your pose and, even when is difficult, keep a smile on your face. :)

At the end of her classes I always feel stronger and calmer. Highly recommended.

''Training with Lucy is not just about doing squats and push-ups. Her comprehensive approach, based on healthy eating, working out and mental health puts together an unique opportunity to change your life. I’ve never been a sports enthusiast but ever since I’ve been training with Lucy I'm really looking forward to her fire sessions. Her workouts are fun but also demanding and it constantly pushing my boundaries further and further. Not to mention she is giving me such an incredible energy. She inspires me to become a better person every day. 
Lucy puts whole heart into her work and because of that, she is the best PT I could ever imagine.''

- Veronika K., Prague

''My Lucy,


this girl is passionate about exercise , lifestyle and cooking her lovely healthy snack. From the beginning I saw Lucy, my very good friend,  successfully working step by step on herself and becoming a really good personal trainer who I've ever had . I found a high motivation from you Lucy. I am feeling super amazing when finish training with you . Lucy loves to train people and especially observing the progress we are achieving. I am very happy for having you Lucy. With Love Romka ❤️''

- Romka K., London

''I started training with Lucy in September without any experience about a healthy lifestyle. I thought I couldn't make me feel good and fit, but Lucy showed me and gave me advice on diet. She showed me that it works and also the results were and I feel good mentally and physically. I haven't stopped training with Lucy since September. Her experience and personality give me incredible energy and motivation. Don't be afraid to contact her, don't be afraid to start something that Lucy is a friendly and incredibly energetic person !! ❤️💪😊''

- Lucy B., London

''Dear Lucy I appreciate the amount of time you've spent with me at the gym.

When I was training with you, I felt more energy, My sleep was better, and I feel better about myself because before I got you as my PT I had health problems like joint pains and after all the hard work 😓 you put it started to disappear . I like to say Thank you for being flexible with your schedule as you know I had very short time but you always had the time and ensuring I get the most out of the time I have with you. You took great care of me and I was thrilled to be on this fitness journey with you! But for personal reason I had to stop my journey but whenever I can I like to have you as my PT because you amazed me with your way of training I feel you mould yourself according to the need of people so they get the most of what they enjoy and don’t even get tired of workout well don’t know about others but differently I was enjoying of each season with you. I had learned a lot from you which I will carry with me for life time so thank you 😊 and I miss all the fun with you I love to have that time hopefully one day 

Thank you for being best personal trainer and mostly best friend who make you feel the importance of life. Thanks 😊''

- Sam, London

''Best trainer I’ve ever had honestly she is what ever personal trainer needs to be like''

- Mate Kiria, Chelsea

''Iv been training with energetic Lucy for over 3 months. I can 100% say that and I am really happy with the way she has taken on my needs and progressed with them.I believe she understands what my goals are and has clear structured programmes catered for me. If I tell her I find something I don't like she will remove it and if I tell her I can't do it because it's hard she will motivate me in other ways.she has a very kind bubbly and organised approach I see her as my friend she respects my religious background and make me feel comfortable to suit my needs. Her workouts and classes are never the same so your always in for a suprise. I think for me the most important part for me is her customer service that she offers.I feel she is understanding, focused and actually listens to what my aims are.I believe I can acheive great things under her wing :)''

- Nida, London

''I can’t recommend Lucy's services highly enough!

She is honest, firm and motivational.

I thought I can't train anymore because having two children. Thanks to Lucy's  online classes I have manged to find time for regular exercise three times a week. 

I am so grateful to Lucy for changing the way that I care for my body. 

I recommend her completely, without reservation.

Just trust her VIBES! They come just form her heart!''

- Michelle Harrou, London

Lucy is a professional. She gets the balance right between motivating you and supporting you to achieve your full potential. I’ve had excellent results and recommend her highly.”

Justina K., London

''I absolutely love training with Lucy. She is organised, disciplined, encouraging and focused while making each session fun, enjoyable and informative. I really appreciate her positive energy and she makes suggestions and offers little pearls of wisdom which inspire me. She is clearly passionate about what she does and talks about things she is doing to develop herself which is a great reminder that it's about the journey and mindset and not the final destination when it comes to having a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit. I especially appreciate her explanations and instructions for different exercises - giving some theory behind them and making sure my technique is correct - not forgetting the breathing! This has been so useful because it always helps to be reminded when to breathe when doing exercise, I always forget and hold my breathe! Lucy has also showed me that I have been doing a lot of basic exercises wrong - and wow they have become a lot harder but i'm feeling stronger and better for it. There is variety and my hour session goes by so fast! Just want to say thank you for your service Lucy, I definitely feel better for it!''

- Juliette G., London

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