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''I absolutely love training with Lucy. She is organised, disciplined, encouraging and focused while making each session fun, enjoyable and informative. I really appreciate her positive energy and she makes suggestions and offers little pearls of wisdom which inspire me. She is clearly passionate about what she does and talks about things she is doing to develop herself which is a great reminder that it's about the journey and mindset and not the final destination when it comes to having a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit. I especially appreciate her explanations and instructions for different exercises - giving some theory behind them and making sure my technique is correct - not forgetting the breathing! This has been so useful because it always helps to be reminded when to breathe when doing exercise, I always forget and hold my breathe! Lucy has also showed me that I have been doing a lot of basic exercises wrong - and wow they have become a lot harder but i'm feeling stronger and better for it. There is variety and my hour session goes by so fast! Just want to say thank you for your service Lucy, I definitely feel better for it!''

                                                        Juliette G., London

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