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Lulu's goodies from the heart


It's a homemade MAKERY of the nutritionally dense snacks,

made of natural product for nourishing of the body.


It's a homemade BAKERY of the traditional cakes for the special occasion, baked with less sugar and more love.

Most of my healthy goodies are usually raw, available to be stored either in the fridge or freezer for a long lasting, some of them can be baked.

However, all of them are nutritionally dense, therefore even small piece will satisfy you enough.

All my ingredients are bought from the verified supplier or made at home.

I do not buy all products Organic, just because they are Organic (many of them yes though), however, unless we produce the product by ourselves, you never know exactly the source. And we are many often pay only for the label rather for the quality. Is it bad to be honest? You decide.

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The most often used ingredients for the healthier versions of
lulu's goodies snacks are:

100% raw cacao

Oats (optional gluten free)



Honey from the farm

Pumpking seeds/ Flex seeds

Homemade peanut butter

Plant butter / Coconut oil

Coconut cream

Plant milks


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Yoga teaching / Life coaching

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Lulu's goodies bakery

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